Waterskiing / Wakeboarding

We provide up to date equipment for all standards so that skiers can perform to the best of their ability. Extra wide skis can be used for beginners. This increased surface area makes balancing easier, adding confidence and therefore speeding up the learning process.

We use a training bar on the side of the boat to improve communication between the instructor and the skier. The distance between them is much smaller than if the skier was to instantly be placed behind the boat and the bar allows a for a gradual and easier introduction to the sport.

Mono skiers can benefit from the use of our competition skis. Furthermore, a slalom course is available (tide dependent).


Wakeboarding is one of the most exhilarating board sports. Closely linked to surfing and snowboarding, it has quickly become hugely popular owing to its freedom and fluidity.

Along with carving motions, wakeboarders have developed their own exciting tricks where the sky is the limit. Wakeboarding has opened the doors to other extreme sports such as kite surfing and holds an essential part of kite board control.

At Camel Ski School, we accommodate children and adults of all sizes by being equipped with boards and bindings suitable for a range of ages and skill levels. We can coach absolute beginners who are interested in trying it out, up to advanced boarders who are keen to perfect the perfect technique; our qualified boat drivers/coaches can help you achieve your goals.